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MultiVersus Review

by Player First Games 0 text

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Not just another Smash wannabe

"MultiVersus" distinguishes itself in the crowded platform fighter genre by injecting a cooperative, team-based dynamic into the familiar chaos of crossover fighting games. Developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game features a varied roster of characters from Warner Bros' extensive collection of IPs, including DC, Looney Tunes, and Game of Thrones. What sets it apart is its emphasis on 2v2 matchups, which require players to strategize and work together more than in traditional fighters.

Gameplay 8

"MultiVersus" offers a unique twist to the platform fighter genre by focusing on teamwork in its core gameplay. The game supports both casual and competitive play, making it accessible to a wide audience. Characters have unique abilities that can complement each other in battles, encouraging players to explore different team combinations. The gameplay is enhanced by excellent rollback netcode, ensuring smooth online matches, which is critical for a game reliant on fast-paced, precise actions.

The combat system is versatile, with varied and unique styles across a diverse character roster. The inclusion of a perk system adds depth, allowing players to customize characters to suit their play style or to strategically counter opponents. While the game is free-to-play, its monetization strategy involves rotating free characters and the option to purchase others through in-game currency or real money, which has received mixed reactions from the community.

Graphics 8

Built on Unreal Engine 5, "MultiVersus" features impressive visuals and lighting effects, a significant upgrade from its earlier iterations. The game showcases detailed character models and vibrant, well-designed stages that are both visually appealing and thematically appropriate for the characters and worlds they represent. The animations are fluid, contributing to the dynamic feel of combat and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

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Storyline N/A

"MultiVersus" does not focus on a traditional storyline, as it is primarily a multiplayer fighting game. The narrative is not the main attraction; instead, the game capitalizes on the interactions and team-ups of characters from various universes, providing a fun and engaging experience without a defined story arc.

Multiplayer 9

The multiplayer aspect is where "MultiVersus" truly shines. The game's design is heavily oriented towards multiplayer experiences, with a strong emphasis on 2v2 matches. This setup not only differentiates it from other fighters but also enhances the strategic component of the gameplay. The new cooperative PvE modes and consistently updated content promise to keep the game fresh and engaging for the community.

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Issues and Community Feedback

Feedback from the community highlights concerns over the game's monetization strategy, particularly regarding the costs associated with unlocking characters and cosmetic items. The battle pass system has been criticized for slow progression and high costs for premium content. Despite these issues, the game's mechanics and character diversity receive high praise. Frequent updates and adjustments from Player First Games show a commitment to improving the game and addressing community concerns.

Conclusion 8

"MultiVersus" scores an overall 8/10 for its innovative multiplayer design, solid graphics, and engaging gameplay. While there are some concerns regarding monetization, the game offers a compelling experience for fans of platform fighters looking for a cooperative twist. With ongoing updates and new content, "MultiVersus" has the potential to remain a favorite in the genre.

Pros and Cons

  • Innovative team gameplay
  • Smooth netcode
  • Diverse character roster
  • Slow battle pass progression
  • Controversial monetization

Player Quotes

"Absolutely love the teamwork aspect!"

"Monetization could be better, but the game itself is great!"

"Smoothest online matches I've experienced in a while!"

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