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Mordhau Goes Full Cross-Platform: Xbox, PlayStation, and PC Unite

Mordhau Goes Full Cross-Platform: Xbox, PlayStation, and PC Unite Thumbnail

Now you can lose to archers on any platform, presented without quotes

The popular multiplayer action game Mordhau has now embraced full cross-platform play, enabling Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers to battle against each other seamlessly. This significant update not only bridges the gap between different gaming systems but also brings major enhancements to the PvE mode.

The revamped PvE experience, now called Demon Horde, introduces fresh maps, an improved inventory system, a reworked skill tree, new enemy types, and a trove of new weapons. Players can look forward to engaging challenges and a significantly upgraded gameplay experience.

Revamped PvE Mode: Demon Horde

One of the standout features of the update is the overhaul of the PvE mode. Known as Demon Horde, this mode offers:

- Updated Maps: Navigate through newly designed landscapes.

- Enhanced Inventory: Enjoy a more streamlined and user-friendly inventory system.

- Revamped Skill Tree: Customize your character further with the improved skill tree.

- New Enemy Types: Face off against a variety of new, fierce opponents.

- Additional Weapons: Arm yourself with an arsenal of fresh weaponry.

This update not only promises to enhance cross-platform connectivity but also enriches the overall gameplay, ensuring Mordhau remains a thrilling and engaging experience for all its players.

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