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MLB: The Show 24 Review

Nintendo Switch by San Diego Studio

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Swing batter, batter, swing! Experience the thrill of barely making the playoffs in the comfort of your living room.

MLB: The Show 24, the latest iteration in San Diego Studio's beloved baseball simulation series, invites players back to the diamond with enhanced graphics, deeper gameplay mechanics, and new modes that aim to capture the essence of America's pastime. Released in 2024, this title brings the most authentic baseball experience to date, featuring updated team rosters, player stats, and stadiums full of life-like fans cheering, booing, and, occasionally, catching foul balls. Available on multiple platforms, the game allows for a broad audience to enjoy the crack of the bat and the intense moments on the pitcher's mound.

Graphics 9

The visual fidelity in MLB: The Show 24 sets a new benchmark for sports games, with stunningly realistic player models, dynamic weather effects, and beautifully rendered stadiums that feel alive. The attention to detail in the player animations and the environmental textures immerses players in a game that looks as good as it plays. Night games under the lights are particularly impressive, showcasing the advancements in lighting technology.

MLB: The Show 24 image 2

Storyline - N/A

As a sports simulation, MLB: The Show 24 doesn't follow a traditional storyline but instead focuses on creating a realistic and engaging baseball experience. Players can create their own narratives through the "Road to the Show" career mode, crafting a unique path from a rookie to a hall of famer.

Multiplayer 8

Multiplayer in MLB: The Show 24 is a homerun, offering various competitive and cooperative modes that are both fun and challenging. Online leagues bring players together in a quest for the championship, while the "Diamond Dynasty" mode continues to be a fan favorite, allowing players to build dream teams and compete against others. The online experience is smooth, with minimal lag, but some players report occasional matchmaking issues.

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Issues and Community Feedback

While MLB: The Show 24 is a solid entry in the series, some players have reported issues with online connectivity and bugs in the "Franchise Mode" that can affect player progress. The community has also expressed desires for more significant updates in gameplay mechanics and AI behavior in future iterations. San Diego Studio has acknowledged these concerns and promised patches and updates.

Conclusion 8.5

MLB: The Show 24 is a must-play for baseball fans, offering a visually stunning and deeply engaging experience that captures the essence of the sport. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in online features and AI behavior, the game represents the pinnacle of baseball simulations. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the series, MLB: The Show 24 delivers a satisfying blend of realism and entertainment.

Pros and Cons

  • Deep history
  • Female inclusion
  • Gameplay flexibility
  • Familiar modes
  • Minor graphic issues

Player Quotes

"The new batting mechanics took a minute to get used to, but now I can't go back. It feels so rewarding to hit a homerun."

"Franchise mode is my jam. Building my team and taking it all the way to the World Series has never felt better."

"Graphics are out of this world. It's like watching a real game on TV."

"Wish they'd fix the online matchmaking quicker. It's frustrating when you get dropped games."

"The attention to detail in this game is insane. From the player animations to the stadium sounds, it's all top-notch."

"Playing with my friends online has been a blast, even with the occasional lag."

"Diamond Dynasty continues to drain my wallet, but I can't help it. Building my dream team is just too addictive."

Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.