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Microsoft Unveils Three New Xbox Series Models

Microsoft Unveils Three New Xbox Series Models Thumbnail

Gaming giants step up their game with fresh looks and enhanced specs for the Xbox Series X and S. High storage, sleek designs, and competitive pricing — gamers, buckle up!

In a surprising move, Microsoft has announced the launch of three enhanced versions of their highly popular Xbox Series. Variations include the Xbox Series X gaming consoles sporting a refreshed look and boosted hardware specs, as well as a monochrome Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X now heralds a model featuring a 2TB hard drive, which sure seems to be packing a serious punch. The variant carries a glossy finish and an asking price of $599.99.

Joining its ranks, the trusted Xbox Series X offers a model in a striking white finish, doing away with a drive for the bold price tag of $449.99. A stunning representation of minimalism and performance in harmony.

For those seeking affordability with no sacrifice to style or performance, the Xbox Series S comes to the rescue. This model, finished in a white design and equipped with a 1TB hard drive, comes with an attractive sticker price of $349.99.

Anticipation is running high as these models are expected to hit the market shelves by fall. Microsoft, with its dynamic new releases, seems keen on turning up the heat in the competitive gaming console market.

For more details, check out Microsoft's announcement here.

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