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Microsoft to Close Bethesda's Asia Office by June 2024

Microsoft to Close Bethesda's Asia Office by June 2024 image

The Asian adventure of the makers of The Evil Within and Hi-Fi RUSH is coming to an end.

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft is set to shutter Bethesda's Asian division by the end of June 2024. This sweeping closure includes Tango Gameworks, the esteemed studio behind The Evil Within and Hi-Fi RUSH. According to insider reports, the disbandment of this division was hinted at in the LinkedIn profile of senior HR manager Sophia Satoko.

Reflecting on the closure, Satoko noted, "Unfortunately, Zenimax Asia K.K. will close at the end of June 2024." With Tango Gameworks reportedly working on two undisclosed projects, speculation is rife that one of them was the highly-anticipated Hi-Fi RUSH 2.

Implications for Tango Gameworks

The forthcoming shutdown raises several questions about the future of Tango Gameworks and its developing titles. Industry insiders and fans alike are eager to see how Microsoft's strategic decisions will unfold, and whether these projects will see the light of day under a different mantle.

What's Next for the Team

As the narrative develops, all eyes are on potential reassignments within Bethesda or even broader shifts within Microsoft's gaming portfolio. This seismic change marks a notable end of an era for Bethesda’s Asian undertakings and leaves a portion of the game's development community in a state of flux.

Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops.

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