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Microsoft Might be Developing a Handheld Gaming Device

Microsoft Might be Developing a Handheld Gaming Device Thumbnail

In a recent IGN interview, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's gaming division, returned to the topic of handheld gaming and revealed that its future in hardware innovation looks impressive. He expressed his excitement over the progress his team has been making in various forms and gaming methods. Although the focus has been on games so far, Spencer hinted at discussions around a gaming platform soon.

Furthermore, Spencer alluded to the company considering a standalone gaming device, not a cloud-based one. In his words, "I like my ROG Ally, my Lenovo Legion Go, and my Steam Deck. I think the ability to play games locally is very important."

Journalist Tom Warren relayed that Microsoft is looking to develop a handheld device based on Windows, with an Xbox interface and the ability to run all Xbox games. The device will essentially operate on Windows, but will be disguised to look and feel like an Xbox console. This means, whether you want to launch Steam games or Xbox ones, this alleged device will be up to the task.

This news provides promising indications of a shift in Microsoft's strategy towards portable gaming, fulfilling the desires of gamers wishing for a more mobile Xbox experience. However, these plans remain unconfirmed and unofficial at this stage.

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