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Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

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Real skies, fake turbulence.

"Microsoft Flight Simulator" is an aviation simulator that allows players to pilot a wide range of aircraft across beautifully rendered skies and detailed landscapes. Developed by Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios, it represents a significant leap forward in simulation technology, incorporating real-world weather data and satellite imagery to create a highly immersive experience.

Gameplay 9

The gameplay of "Microsoft Flight Simulator" is profoundly detailed and richly rewarding for those with a keen interest in aviation. Players can choose from a vast selection of aircraft, ranging from light planes to wide-body jets, each with realistically modeled flight controls and instruments. The flight mechanics are impressively accurate, reflecting real-world physics and aerodynamics. Beginners might find the learning curve steep, but the simulator includes a range of tutorials and assistance options to help ease new pilots into the cockpit.

The game excels in its attention to detail. Every switch, button, and dial in the cockpit is interactable, and the aircraft respond dynamically to weather changes and environmental factors. The simulation of air traffic, both controlled by AI and real players online, adds an extra layer of realism and challenge. Flight planning and navigation tools are robust, providing everything from simple direct-to navigation to complex multi-waypoint routes that include SID/STARS in major airports.

Graphics 9

Graphics are where "Microsoft Flight Simulator" truly shines. The game uses photogrammetry data and satellite imagery to render the Earth in stunning detail. Major cities and landmarks are recreated with high fidelity, and the environmental effects, like cloud formations, rain, and sunlight scattering, are breathtakingly realistic. The level of detail extends down to individual trees, buildings, and vehicles, making low-altitude flights particularly enjoyable.

The aircraft themselves are meticulously crafted, with textures and materials that look realistic enough to touch. Lighting effects inside and outside the cockpit change dynamically with the time of day and weather conditions, enhancing the overall immersion. The graphical demands of the game are high, requiring powerful hardware to experience the best visuals, which can be a drawback for players without high-end PCs or the latest Xbox consoles.

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Storyline 0

"Microsoft Flight Simulator" does not feature a traditional storyline or narrative. The game is purely a simulation that focuses on the experience of flying. The only "stories" here are the ones that players create themselves through their adventures and the challenges they undertake in the vast skies.

Multiplayer 8

Multiplayer in "Microsoft Flight Simulator" is seamlessly integrated, allowing pilots to share the skies with others. Players can see and interact with other pilots flying nearby. Events and community-driven challenges frequently occur, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experience among enthusiasts.

The multiplayer setup supports both casual flyers and hardcore simulation fans. Players can choose to fly in real-time weather conditions alongside others, which can make for some thrillingly unpredictable flights. However, the experience can sometimes be marred by performance issues during densely populated events or in highly detailed areas.

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Issues and Community Feedback

The community feedback for "Microsoft Flight Simulator" is generally positive, praising its realism and depth. However, common issues cited include the high system requirements needed to run the game smoothly, which can exclude players with older hardware. Some users have reported bugs related to aircraft avionics and occasional glitches in weather simulation.

Conclusion 8

"Microsoft Flight Simulator" is a landmark in simulation gaming, offering an unparalleled level of realism and depth. While it demands high-end hardware for the best experience and lacks a narrative component, its detailed flight mechanics, stunning visuals, and robust multiplayer features make it a must-try for aviation enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons

  • Stunning visuals
  • Detailed controls
  • Realistic physics
  • High system requirements
  • Steep learning curve

Player Quotes

"Never have I felt so close to flying without leaving my room."

"The most realistic flying experience on any platform."

"Great game, but it really needs a beast of a PC to run smoothly."

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