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Metal: Hellsinger Dev Critiques Game Pass — Despite Launching on the Service

Metal: Hellsinger Dev Critiques Game Pass — Despite Launching on the Service image

Metal: Hellsinger developer discovers Game Pass isn't just a friendly bass in their sales line-up — it's the great white shark devouring their profits.

Developer Realizes Game Pass's Downside

David Goldfarb, a key figure at The Outsiders studio, initially held a positive view about launching Metal: Hellsinger on Game Pass. However, post-launch, his perspective took a drastic turn as the reality of the subscription service's impact on sales came into focus.

Social Media Insights

Goldfarb didn't mince words when taking to social media to express his concerns. He pointed to Game Pass as a major factor affecting the low sales numbers of their rhythm-based shooter game. He's not alone in this belief; Goldfarb also suggested that Hellblade II suffered similar setbacks due to the platform.

Short, Linear Games: The Perfect Prey

According to Goldfarb, the allure of Game Pass is particularly detrimental to shorter, linear experiences. Players seem inclined to play such games through the service rather than purchasing them outright, thus eating into potential sales, especially on PC.

The Triad of Troubles

Goldfarb didn't stop at Game Pass. He also attributed Hellblade II's disappointing performance to a combination of poor marketing strategies and the game's niche appeal. This triad of issues seems to paint a challenging picture for developers considering the subscription service as a viable launch platform.

What's Next?

While acknowledging the popularity and accessibility Game Pass offers players, Goldfarb's critique highlights crucial considerations for developers. The conversation continues as studios weigh the benefits and drawbacks of launching on subscription services versus traditional sales avenues.

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