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Manor Lords Sales Insights

Manor Lords Sales Insights image

A surprising number of people wanted to play digital landlords, and we're not kidding.

Developers of the strategy game Manor Lords have shared intriguing insights on where the game is flying off the digital shelves. With over two million copies sold, the majority of gamers scooping up the title are located in the United States. Following closely behind in the sales race are players from China and Germany.

Those stats also indicate that a small percentage, about 3%, of purchases came from other regions that are fond of picking up games through various cross-border distribution routes.

Adding to its widespread appeal, Manor Lords is also accessible through Game Pass for PC, providing even more gamers with the opportunity to dive into medieval strategy gameplay.

Game's Popularity by Regions

- Top Market: United States

- Second Place: China

- Third Place: Germany

Sales Distribution Insight

- Covers a substantial number of markets, amplifying its global reach.

- Offers easy access via Game Pass, making it a popular choice for PC gamers.

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