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Major Xbox Store Releases This Week

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Let's roll out the red carpet for Xbox's latest releases, featuring the usual mix of "classics reimagined" and Ubisoft's never-ending struggle to capture the essence of a decent multiplayer shooter.

May 21 (Tuesday)

Grab your controller and prepare to be emotionally devastated in multiple languages as the highly anticipated sequel drops into your Game Pass.

Ubisoft bravely ventures where they've flopped before, launching another multiplayer shooter. Fingers crossed for this one.

Reintroduce yourself to SHODAN in this modern reimagining of a timeless sci-fi classic. Note: AI still evil.

Take a break from reality with this charming paper-folding adventure that’s likely to be more challenging than actual origami.

Round out Tuesday by diving into the latest chapter in the Neptunia series. Anime fans, your time has come.

May 23 (Thursday)

Another Game Pass gem, this game tasks you with managing a galactic hospital. Ensure your alien patients leave healthy and not horribly mutated—no pressure.

Ghostly escapades await as you possess objects and navigate through an ethereal world. Perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to be a poltergeist.

Plunge into historical warfare with this strategy title. Relive the joy of medieval combat without any of the mess.

Time manipulation and narrative puzzles combine in this gripping adventure. Prepare to fix the past one thread at a time.

End the week with a throwback to the roots of RPG gaming. This revamped classic challenges you to survive a labyrinth filled with danger.

Explore these new releases and more in the Xbox Store this week. Game on!

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