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Long-Awaited "Captain Blood" Game Set To Launch on PCs and Current Consoles


The infamous pirate game, once declared as lost treasure, is finally sailing back into the arms of eager gamers.

In a blast from the past, the highly anticipated pirate action game, "Captain Blood" is set to make waves once more after it was shelved due to several issues. Born in the early 2000s from the creators of the famed "Pirates of the Caribbean" game, "Captain Blood" has been revived and refurbished by game developers Seawolf Studio and General Arcade.

These developers have taken this adventurous concept, dusted off the cobwebs, and injected some innovative improvements to ensure an unmatched, immersive gaming experience. Captain Blood will launch later this year on all modern consoles including Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC platforms.

For a sneak peek into what the game has to offer, watch the official trailer on YouTube. With the revitalization of this long-sleeping project, gamers around the world can look forward to another high-seas, swashbuckling adventure.

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