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LEGO Horizon Adventures: Coming to PC and PS5

LEGO Horizon Adventures: Coming to PC and PS5 image

Because who wouldn't want to save the world with plastic bricks? Co-op crossplay included, naturally.

In exciting news for gamers and LEGO enthusiasts alike, insider bilbill-kun has spilled the bricks on the upcoming launch of LEGO Horizon Adventures. This intriguing game is set to hit both PC and PS5 simultaneously.

Horizon fans can look forward to the familiar world of Horizon, but this time with a creative LEGO twist. The game promises to be an action-adventure journey where players can either venture solo or team up with friends in a seamless co-op crossplay mode.

Mark your calendars for Summer Game Fest, as the official announcement for LEGO Horizon Adventures will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the event. Get ready to build, explore, and save the Horizon world in a whole new blocky style!

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