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Larian's Lead Writer Hopes for Passion-Driven Baldur's Gate 4

Larian's Lead Writer Hopes for Passion-Driven Baldur's Gate 4 image

Because nothing says "passion project" like a sword-waving, magic-slinging epic – unless it’s made just for the money, in which case, spell-check your spreadsheets

In a recent interview, Adam Smith, the lead writer at Larian Studios, expressed his thoughts on the potential development of a Baldur's Gate 4 by a different studio. Smith emphasized his desire for the project to be handled by developers who genuinely adore the game's universe, rather than those driven by financial motivations.

Heartfelt Expression

He stated his preference clearly, hoping that the next installment of the game would be taken on because the developers genuinely wanted to, not because it would impact quarterly revenues.

Smith’s comments reflect a broader desire within the gaming community – for beloved franchises to be nurtured and expanded upon by those who deeply understand and love the original content, rather than being used merely as cash cows by profit-seeking entities.

For fans of Baldur's Gate, this sentiment will likely resonate, as they hope for future installments that preserve the soul and magic of the original games.

Commitment to Quality

When asked about the future direction for the franchise, Smith's dedication to the integrity of the series shone through. He underscored the importance of development teams who put their heart and soul into their work, ensuring that the beloved RPG continues to captivate and enchant players.

It’s a reminder to all in the gaming industry: great games come from passion and dedication, not just a desire for financial gain. The next chapter of Baldur's Gate deserves nothing less.

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