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Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 Set to Receive Modding Tools Ahead of Schedule: No Remastered Edition in Sight

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 Set to Receive Modding Tools Ahead of Schedule: No Remastered Edition in Sight image

Gear up, modders! Developers spill the beans on the availability of modding tools for Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, also ruling out any future remastered editions for PS5 and Xbox Series due to resource constraints.

The game developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 made several key announcements regarding the sequel to their popular medieval gaming title. It's apparently good news for fans of game modding as customizing tools will be available much earlier than they were for the first installment.

However, there's a not-so-sweet pill to swallow for those anticipating a remastered PS5 or Xbox Series version of the original Kingdom Come: Deliverance game. The team behind the franchise has confirmed that they currently lack the resources to bring such a possibility to life.

The announcement concerning the modding tools will undoubtedly be well received by the game's players. In the first installment, the availability of modding tools followed quite sometime after the game's release. However, this time around, developers are apparently eager to launch these essential tools at a much faster pace. This could mean unprecedented potential for individual gameplay modifications and user-generated content in Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

Less thrilling is the realization that the first part of the franchise won't be encountering a fresh coat of paint on the new console generation. The developers stress that their focus is entirely on the sequel and that resources for a PS5 and Xbox Series remaster of the prior game are simply unavailable.

This reveals the team's emphasis on pushing forward rather than revisiting past successes. An early accessory to modding tools underlines their effort to meet fans' desires and adapt the gaming experience better to individual expectations.

So, with anticipation building up for the sequel in the Kingdom Come series, fans now know what to expect. More user-friendly modifications and no revisiting of the past - it's full steam ahead in this game's journey into the future.

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