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Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game Review

by IllFonic, Teravision Games 0 text

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Colorful chaos with killer clowns

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game" is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror experience that draws its inspiration from the cult classic 1988 film of the same name. Developed by IllFonic and Teravision Games, this game immerses players in a vibrant, chaotic world where three Killer Klowns hunt seven human survivors in the small town of Crescent Cove.

The game captures the film's essence with its bizarre and whimsical horror-comedy blend. The Klowns, equipped with outlandish weapons like popcorn guns and cotton candy cocoons, must prevent the humans from escaping while harvesting them for their own sinister purposes. Meanwhile, the humans, armed with various tools and weapons, need to complete specific objectives to find their way out.

Gameplay 7

The gameplay of "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" revolves around intense, fast-paced matches where the balance between the Klowns and the humans is crucial. Each match has humans scrambling to find escape routes and necessary tools while the Klowns use their unique abilities to thwart their plans. The game successfully differentiates the roles with distinct mechanics for each side. Humans are quicker and can hide, sneak, and utilize the environment to evade capture. They have a variety of weapons and items to aid in their survival, adding layers of strategy to their escape efforts.

Klowns, on the other hand, are more robust and come with a set of powerful abilities. Their gameplay involves not just direct combat but also using their environment to trap and capture humans. The game introduces the concept of the "Klownpocalypse," a timed event that ends the match if the humans fail to escape within 15 minutes. This adds a layer of urgency and strategy, making each match a thrilling race against time.

While the core mechanics are engaging, the game suffers from occasional bugs and glitches that can disrupt the experience. Issues like objective glitches and crashes have been reported, which IllFonic has acknowledged and plans to address in future patches.

Graphics 8

Visually, the game is a treat for fans of the original film. The developers have meticulously recreated the '80s aesthetic, with bright colors and exaggerated designs that make the game world feel like a living cartoon. The Klowns themselves are particularly well-rendered, capturing their creepy yet comical look perfectly. The environments are richly detailed, each map brimming with nods to the film and filled with interactive elements that enhance the gameplay.

The human characters, while less visually striking than the Klowns, still benefit from decent design and customization options that allow players to personalize their avatars. The game's special finishing moves, called "Klowntatities," are a highlight, offering cinematic moments that recreate iconic scenes from the movie in a gamified form.

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Storyline 6

As an asymmetrical multiplayer game, "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" doesn't prioritize a deep narrative. However, it stays true to the film's storyline, with Klowns invading Earth and humans trying to survive the onslaught. The game’s charm lies more in its faithful recreation of the film’s world and its comedic horror elements rather than in a complex plot.

The lack of a detailed storyline might disappoint players looking for a more narrative-driven experience, but fans of the movie will appreciate the numerous references and the overall tone that pays homage to the original.

Multiplayer 7

The multiplayer aspect is where the game shines, offering a fresh take on the asymmetrical horror genre. The 3v7 format ensures that matches are always dynamic, with the small number of Klown players having to strategically outwit the larger group of humans. This setup encourages teamwork and communication on both sides, with humans needing to collaborate to complete objectives and Klowns coordinating their attacks.

Despite its strengths, the multiplayer experience is marred by some balancing issues and bugs that can affect the gameplay. Some players have reported frustrations with the locomotion and match lengths, but these are relatively minor compared to the overall enjoyment the game provides.

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Issues and Community Feedback

The community feedback for "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" has been mixed. While many players praise its fun and unique take on the asymmetrical genre, others have pointed out technical issues that need addressing. Bugs, such as glitches in objectives and occasional crashes, have been a common complaint. The developers have promised to fix these issues, and ongoing updates are expected to improve the overall stability and balance of the game.

Conclusion 7

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game" offers a delightfully chaotic and entertaining multiplayer experience that stands out in the asymmetrical horror genre. Its faithful adaptation of the 1988 film, combined with engaging gameplay mechanics and vibrant visuals, makes it a must-try for fans of horror-comedy. However, technical issues and occasional balance problems prevent it from reaching its full potential. With promised updates and bug fixes, the game has the potential to become a staple in the genre.

Pros and Cons

  • Faithful adaptation
  • Engaging mechanics
  • Vibrant visuals
  • Technical issues
  • Occasional balance problems
  • Lack of deep storyline

Player Quotes

Survivor experience: "Running from the Klowns while hearing their giggles was both terrifying and hilarious. Loved every minute!"

Klown player: "Using the Klowns' special abilities to catch humans was incredibly satisfying. The game captures the movie's spirit perfectly."

Critical feedback: "The bugs can be frustrating, especially when they cause crashes or progress loss. Hope the developers fix them soon."

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