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Immortals of Aveum Gets FSR 3 and HDR

Immortals of Aveum Gets FSR 3 and HDR image

The shooting game that shines brighter and might actually blind you, now with frame generation to boot.

Immortals of Aveum, the spell-slinging shooter that has been turning heads, just got a massive update. The game now supports FSR 3 (FidelityFX Super Resolution) on consoles, marking a new era of smoother gameplay with frame generation. Not to leave PC players behind, the developers also added HDR support for a more vivid and immersive visual experience.

Console and PC Players, Rejoice!

Fans of the game on both consoles and PC will be thrilled to know that Immortals of Aveum is currently available through Game Pass, making it accessible to a wide audience of gamers. This update means that whether you're on a console or PC, you're in for some eye-popping visuals and buttery-smooth frame rates.

What Does FSR 3 Bring to the Table?

FSR 3 brings improved image quality and performance, especially in fast-paced scenes where every frame counts. The inclusion of frame generation means that even on high-stress gaming moments, the experience remains fluid and responsive. This is excellent news for both casual and competitive players who demand the best from their hardware.

HDR for the Win

HDR (High Dynamic Range) support on the PC version ensures that the game’s magical battles and stunning environments look more lifelike than ever. Colors are richer, contrasts more pronounced, and the overall visual impact is nothing short of breathtaking.

So, whether you're casting spells from your couch or your gaming rig, Immortals of Aveum has leveled up in a big way. Ready to dive back in? The mystical battlegrounds await!

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