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Iconic Universal Movie Cars Join the Roster in Forza Horizon 5

Iconic Universal Movie Cars Join the Roster in Forza Horizon 5  Thumbnail

Your favorite car from "Back to the Future" can now be multi-tasked into running over cacti in Forza Horizon, too!

Players of Forza Horizon 5 can now add a bit of the silver screen to their racing game, with a new package of iconic vehicles featured in Universal Pictures’ "Jurassic Park," "Knight Rider," and "Back to the Future." But it isn't a free expansion – a little extra charge will bring you the Hollywood glamour on virtual wheels.

In addition to these movie star cars, today's Modern Horizons update to Forza Horizon 5 brings an array of new free wheels and Editor EventLab tools, up and running, for even more immersive driving experiences.

Watch the magic unfold in the official trailer for the new content! The new cars and features are available from today in Forza Horizon 5, cranking up the game's quality and diversity. Get ready to occupy your favorite movie car and speed towards the Horizon!

Please note that while some content is available for free, some iconic cars might require an additional cost. Prepare to zoom into the Forza Horizon future and don't forget - there's no need to exceed the speed limit, even if you have a DeLorean on hand!

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