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How to Score 25 Months of Game Pass Ultimate for Just $60

How to Score 25 Months of Game Pass Ultimate for Just $60 image

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Do you enjoy navigating digital hoops and playing hide and seek with your region settings? Well, here's your golden ticket to 25 months of Game Pass Ultimate at a dirt-cheap rate that'll make your wallet and your VPN blush.

In a wild turn of financial wizardry and clever region-tweaking, it's possible to bag an astonishing 25 months of Game Pass Ultimate for around $60. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make you the proud owner of almost two years' worth of top-tier gaming on a budget.

1. Step 1: Region Oprah

Kick things off by switching your account settings to the Indian region. It’s essential for accessing the sweet deal we’re about to unravel.

2. Step 2: The Great Six-Pack Hunt

Purchase six codes for Game Pass Core, each spanning six months. Yes, you heard it right—collecting DLCs was never this satisfying.

3. Step 3: Activation Extravaganza

Dive into the tedious yet rewarding task of activating these codes. You’re aiming for a total of 36 months on your gaming account.

4. Step 4: The Ultimate Combo Move

Now, acquire 1 code for Game Pass Ultimate that extends for a month. Activate this code to transform your previously accumulated 36 months of Game Pass Core into that shiny Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Voila! You now have 25 months of pure gaming bliss.

For this master plan to work, your account should not have an active subscription, and you will need a VPN with an Indian IP. Any credit or debit card equipped with 3DS security will work for this method, but avoid using your Amazon Pay balance.

When creating an Amazon account for this purpose, disposable numbers are your best friend. Just ensure you provide a genuine Indian address and, of course, your actual email.

Keep your eyes peeled, follow these steps, and get ready to game without breaking the bank!

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