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Horror Game "The Casting of Frank Stone" Set to Release September 3

Horror Game

Upcoming offering from "The Quarry" and "Until Dawn" creators expected to be rolled out with a special event on "Dead by Daylight".

The stage seems set for the unveiling of horror game "The Casting of Frank Stone", with a touted release date of September 3. Our source for this intriguing revelation comes from a data miner, who stumbled upon the release date details.

The game is the brainchild of the creators behind two well-acclaimed titles, "The Quarry" and "Until Dawn". It is believed that the release will be coupled with a special event in the popular horror multiplayer game "Dead by Daylight". The exact nature of the event is still being kept under wraps, sparking even more buzz in the gaming community.

In-depth details of this release can be found here.

It's now a waiting game until the official confirmation on the release date, but it's fair to say that the anticipation among eager gamers is already high-strung. Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates on "The Casting of Frank Stone".

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