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Hollow Knight Silksong’s Development: Reportedly Out of the "Dev Hell"

Hollow Knight Silksong’s Development: Reportedly Out of the

Amid fans' growing uncertainty, a beacon of hope sheds light on the much-anticipated sequel to the popular game, Hollow Knight.

The highly anticipated sequel to the popular Metroidvania-style game, Hollow Knight, named Hollow Knight: Silksong, has been in production for over half a decade. Initially intended as a DLC, its development consequently grew into a standalone game after the developers, Team Cherry, felt they had more to offer gamers with a comprehensive game experience. However, lack of official communication about the game's progression has left fan's fearing the worst.

Amidst the disquiet, Graig, who regularly pops up on the game's Discord server, claims that Team Cherry is not caught in a development turmoil, also known as "dev hell". While this could potentially be relieving news for the fans, Graig's credibility is questionable amongst the player base, as he has a reputation for his sometimes trolling behaviour. Adding to the mystery, it has been discovered that Graig was formerly a playtester for the game, but his current role remains uncertain.

For further details, refer to the original article on GamesRadar.

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