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Hollow Knight Review

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Subterranean Bug-Slaying Bonanza

Hollow Knight is a captivating exploration-driven game that plunges players into the eerie, decayed kingdom of Hallownest. This Metroidvania-style game, developed by the independent studio Team Cherry, invites gamers to traverse a vast, interconnected underworld. Combining dark storytelling, intricate gameplay mechanics, and a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic, Hollow Knight offers a deep and engrossing experience that challenges both skill and intellect.

Gameplay 8

Hollow Knight excels in delivering a gameplay experience that is as punishing as it is rewarding. The controls are tight and responsive, allowing for precise maneuvers and attacks, which are essential to navigating through Hallownest's treacherous environments and enemies. The game starts off with a simple set of moves but gradually expands the player's arsenal through abilities and upgrades that can be found or earned. These abilities not only aid in combat but also unlock new areas to explore, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

The charm system adds a layer of strategic depth to the game. Players can equip various charms that provide different buffs and abilities, allowing them to tailor their playstyle. This system encourages experimentation and adaptation, depending on the challenges faced.

Exploration is a core element of the gameplay, with the game world boasting a plethora of hidden paths, secret rooms, and optional bosses. The design of Hallownest is labyrinthine, with environments that are both beautiful and haunting. The lack of a comprehensive map at the start can make navigation daunting, but also emphasizes the game's theme of exploration and discovery.

Combat is challenging and requires players to learn enemy patterns and time their attacks and dodges carefully. The game does not shy away from punishing mistakes, but this only adds to the sense of achievement when overcoming difficult obstacles or enemies.

Graphics 9

The art style of Hollow Knight is one of its most striking features. The hand-drawn graphics are beautifully rendered, bringing the world of Hallownest to life with detailed backgrounds and fluid animations. Each area of the game has a distinct visual theme that reflects its unique environment and inhabitants. The use of lighting and color enhances the atmospheric depth of the game, making exploration a visually rewarding experience.

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Storyline 7

While the storyline of Hollow Knight is intriguing, it is also one of the more cryptic aspects of the game. The narrative is largely environmental, told through the world itself and the various NPCs that players encounter. There are no direct expositions; instead, the story is pieced together through lore snippets, hidden dialogues, and visual storytelling.

This method fits well with the game's theme of discovery but can leave some players feeling lost or disconnected from the overarching narrative. However, for those willing to dive deep into the lore, the story of Hallownest is rich and rewarding, full of tragedy, mystery, and intrigue.

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Issues and Community Feedback

Players have reported frustration with the game's high difficulty curve, particularly when first navigating the vast map without clear directions. The save system, which relies on benches for checkpoints, can also lead to significant backtracking, especially after dying, which some players find discouraging.

Conclusion 8

Hollow Knight is a masterful blend of action, exploration, and storytelling. Its challenging gameplay, combined with a beautiful art style and a deep, underlying narrative, creates a compelling experience that keeps players engaged for hours on end. While the game's difficulty and narrative style may not appeal to everyone, those who delve into the depths of Hallownest will find a richly rewarding world teeming with secrets and lore.

Pros and Cons

  • Captivating art style
  • Deep gameplay mechanics
  • Rich world-building
  • Steep difficulty curve
  • Cryptic storyline

Player Quotes

"Hollow Knight's eerie beauty and challenging gameplay have me hooked."

"I love how every corner of Hallownest has a story to tell. Exploring is a real treat!"

"Sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding. This game tests your skills like few others."

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