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Hogwarts Legacy Gets New Patch with Free Content and Photo Mode

Hogwarts Legacy Gets New Patch with Free Content and Photo Mode image

Now everyone can enjoy the world’s slowest-moving escalator to glory

A new update is brewing for Hogwarts Legacy, bringing a cauldron-full of new features to enrich the wizarding experience. This fresh patch spells the end of Sony's exclusive content, meaning that players across all platforms can now embark on the enchanting quest to establish their own shop in Hogsmeade.

But that’s not all! The update also introduces a much-demanded photo mode, perfect for capturing those magical moments in stunning detail. Adding a bit of flair, new cosmetic items are being introduced, so you can drape your wizard or witch in the latest magical fashions. Additionally, players will now have the option to reset their character’s talent points, making it easier to experiment with different builds and abilities.

Patch Highlights:

- New shop-building quest in Hogsmeade

- Photo mode for those Insta-worthy shots

- Fresh cosmetic items to customize your character

- Talent point reset feature

Regrettably, the ability to change the in-game season post-main quest remains absent, leaving some seasonal magic off the table.

Mark your calendars! This spell-binding update is set to release on June 6. Get ready to dive back into the wizarding world and explore new content that will keep you enchanted for hours.

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