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Hidetaka Miyazaki Admits to Not Creating His Ideal RPG Game Yet

Hidetaka Miyazaki Admits to Not Creating His Ideal RPG Game Yet  image

In a recent interview, renowned game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki confessed that, despite his laudable body of work, he hasn't quite managed to achieve his vision of the perfect RPG. While his latest brainchild, Elden Ring, comes precariously close, the designer highlighted that it still missed the mark.

When quizzed about Elden Ring's shortfall in qualifying as the "perfect RPG," Miyazaki provided a candid response. He admitted the challenge of articulating this aspect without divulging spoilers on his upcoming projects or game enhancements. One hurdle he identified as a game designer was his familiarity with the gameplay—knowing every twist and turn.

From a player's vantage point, Miyazaki expressed he would relish a level of ignorance about the game plot. The designer voiced a desire for someone else to invent his ideal fantasy game, enabling him to revel in it as a gamer.

While Miyazaki stopped short of unveiling his forthcoming ventures, his fans can continue to anticipate the RPG that hits the sweet spot of his creative vision. Fans and fellow gamers, brace yourselves for more exciting adventures by this visionary game designer.

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