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Helldivers II Gets 5-Year Extension and Double the Budget

Helldivers II Gets 5-Year Extension and Double the Budget image

PlayStation splashes cash and grants more time for Arrowhead Game Studios to turn Helldivers II into a masterpiece. So, will it be a hit or another Duke Nukem Forever saga?

In a surprising turn of events, PlayStation has decided to provide Arrowhead Game Studios with an additional five years to develop Helldivers II. Initially slated for completion after a three-year development cycle, this new deadline means fans will have to wait significantly longer for the sequel to hit the shelves.

But that's not all. PlayStation has literally doubled the game's budget, an unprecedented move that has tongues wagging throughout the gaming community. This substantial financial injection is poised to elevate Helldivers II beyond its predecessor in every conceivable way.

Expected Impact on Development

The extended timeline allows the developers to refine game mechanics, enhance graphics, and possibly introduce new, innovative features that weren't feasible within the original timeframe. With more resources and time, Arrowhead Game Studios is expected to deliver a more polished and engaging experience.

Community and Fan Reactions

While some fans are excited about the potential improvements, others are skeptical. The extra time and money could either lead to a groundbreaking game or result in a situation akin to the infamous development hell faced by titles like Duke Nukem Forever. Only time will tell if this gamble pays off for both the studio and the players eagerly awaiting its release.


With PlayStation doubling down on Helldivers II in both time and money, the stakes are high for Arrowhead Game Studios. They now have the opportunity—and the pressure—to create something truly spectacular.

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