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Helldivers 2 Review

by Arrowhead Game Studios 0 text

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Co-op, Chaos, Comedy

Nearly a decade after the original, *Helldivers 2* evolves the chaotic, cooperative bug-blaster into a third-person shooter, retaining its predecessor's frenetic gameplay and humor. The game plunges players into a galaxy at war, casting them as Helldivers defending Super Earth against Automatons and Terminids. Its humor is dark, powered by satirical takes on patriotism and democracy. Gameplay centers around completing diverse, punchy missions ranging from hive exterminations to code recoveries, with the excitement of unforeseen challenges such as terrain, weather, and the occasional friendly fire incident from orbital strikes.

Gameplay 8

*Helldivers 2* offers a refined co-op experience that thrives on its chaotic combat and strategic use of Stratagems—abilities triggered by a sequence of button inputs that can change the tide of battle. The joy of successfully calling in an airstrike or reviving a fallen teammate, coupled with the constant threat of enemy swarms and the potential for slapstick errors, creates a compelling mix of tension and triumph. The game supports teamwork and coordination, especially in higher difficulty levels that demand careful strategy over brute force. While solo play is possible, the game shines brightest when played with friends, leveraging the variety of missions and enemy types to keep the experience fresh and engaging.

Graphics 7

Transitioning from a top-down to a third-person perspective, *Helldivers 2* maintains a visually appealing aesthetic that supports its gameplay dynamics and thematic elements. Environments are detailed and varied, contributing to the game's immersive world. However, some players might find the graphics not groundbreaking compared to other modern titles, with a focus more on functional aesthetics than on pushing technological boundaries.

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Storyline 7

The narrative of *Helldivers 2* is deeply embedded in its gameplay, with the overarching theme of defending humanity in a satirical, dystopian universe. It doesn't lean heavily on a linear storyline but instead builds its narrative through the missions and the player's role as a Helldiver. The humor and dark satire provide a backdrop to the cooperative gameplay, enriching the experience without dominating it.

Multiplayer 9

This title is at its best when played with others, whether through matchmaking or with friends. The cooperative aspect is not just a feature but the core of the experience, with gameplay mechanics, enemy challenges, and Stratagems all designed to foster teamwork. The introduction of matchmaking issues at launch was a notable downside, but the communal sense of progress on the live map, combined with the satisfaction of completing missions together, underscores the game's focus on shared achievements.

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Issues and Community Feedback

While *Helldivers 2* has been celebrated for its engaging co-op play and strategic depth, it has not been without its issues. Players have reported matchmaking problems and rare crashes, though these have not significantly detracted from the overall positive reception. The game's developer has been responsive, addressing server problems and balancing the progression system to mitigate concerns over potential pay-to-win aspects. The community appreciates the game's humor, gameplay mechanics, and the cooperative experience it offers, despite these hiccups.

Conclusion 8

*Helldivers 2* stands out as a compelling sequel that enhances and expands on the original's formula. With its focus on cooperative play, strategic combat, and dark humor, it offers a unique experience that is best shared with friends. Despite some technical issues at launch and graphics that may not impress all players, the game delivers a rewarding and enjoyable co-op shooter experience. It's a testament to Arrowhead Game Studios' ability to evolve a franchise while staying true to its core appeal.

Pros and Cons

  • Engaging co-op gameplay
  • Strategic depth
  • Humorous and darkly satirical
  • Matchmaking issues
  • Graphics not cutting-edge

Player Quotes

"Hilarious and cinematic gameplay"

"Superb gunplay"

"Matchmaking issues at launch"

"It's so much better than I was expecting"

"The game gives me hope for other Sony live service titles"

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