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Hellblade II Enters Top Twenty Bestselling Games on Steam in May

Hellblade II Enters Top Twenty Bestselling Games on Steam in May  image

Ninja Theory's Hellblade II gains rave reviews and makes it to the top 20 most successful games on Steam.

Hellblade II is taking the gaming world by storm, securing itself a spot among the top 20 most successful games on Steam in May. The highly anticipated sequel, developed by Ninja Theory, managed to outshine considerable competition and appeal to millions of eager gamers worldwide.

Along with Hellblade II, various other games have been garnering substantial attention. These titles include the captivating Ghost of Tsushima, the sequel to the popular game Hades II, the thrilling V Rising, the delightful Little Kitty Big City, the immersive Animal Well, and the puzzling Nine Sols among others.

It's an impressive feat for these games to secure a place on this list, especially given the high volume and extreme competition of the online video gaming industry. Despite this, each of these titles managed to draw in swaths of keen players, distinguishing their mark within the community.

Hellblade II's success emphasises the growing popularity and anticipation for this game series. It is a testament to Ninja Theory's innovative game development and a demonstration of audiences' love for its unique storytelling and engaging gameplay.

Despite the month's competition being fierce, Hellblade II along with the mentioned games has managed to captivate audiences, becoming an undeniable hit in the gaming world. Only time will tell if they can maintain this momentum in the coming months, but for now, they stand as some of the top contenders on Steam.

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