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GTA 6 Trailer: Secrets - AI Review

GTA 6 Keyart image

The Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) trailer has been a hot topic in the gaming community, with fans dissecting every frame for secrets and hints about the upcoming game. Here are some of the secrets that have been discovered:

1. Pißwasser Nein

GTA6: Pißwasser Nein image

In the convenience store that Lucia and Jason rob in the trailer, there's an advertisement for a non-alcoholic version of Pißwasser, GTA's favorite beer.

2. Nine 1 Nine Plane Banner

GTA6: Nine 1 Nine Plane Banner image

There's a plane flying a banner across the sky just as the Rockstar logo appears on-screen. It features a logo for a company called Nine 1 Nine and reads 'Why sixty-nine when you can Nine 1 Nine.' This seems to be a parody of a real Miami nightclub called E11EVEN.

3. Hammer Karen

GTA6: Hammer Karen image

The woman holding the two hammers is a reference to 'Hammer Karen' – a US news story that went viral and featured an angry middle-aged woman attacking her neighbor's car with two hammers.

4. Lucia's Impediment

GTA6: Lucia in Jail image

Lucia, one of the protagonists, starts off in jail. In the key art thumbnail, you can see she's wearing some kind of tracker, presumably as a result of her being on parole.

5. Tom Petty Song Connections

GTA6: Tom Petty image

The song featured in the GTA 6 trailer is Tom Petty’s “Love is a Long Road.” Not only is Petty a Florida native (the very state that GTA 6 is thoroughly parodying), but the operators of the Tom Petty Twitter account suggested that the late singer was previously thrilled to contribute “Running Down a Dream” to the GTA: San Andreas soundtrack.

6. Random Citizen Shots

GTA6: Random Citizen Shots image

Much of GTA 6’s reveal trailer actually consists of references to real-life Florida events that previously went viral. Those include the Florida Joker, the man watering his lawn in a thong, the alligator in the convenience store, and the woman twerking on top of a car.

7. Thrillbilly Mud Club

GTA6: Thrillbilly Mud Club image

The Thrillbilly Mud Club is a new addition to the GTA universe and its purpose or role in the game is yet to be explained.

8. Release Date Clue

GTA6: Nine 1 Nine Plane Banner image

Some fans are suggesting that the 'Nine 1 Nine' banner flown by the plane in the trailer is a hint at the game's release date: September 19, 2025 in American notation.

9. Jason and Lucia's Relationship

GTA6: Jason and Lucia image

It seems all but confirmed that Lucia and the male character, referred to as Jason in previous leaks, are a couple. This is suggested by a shot of Lucia atop a shirtless Jason while a voiceover claims 'the only way we're getting through this is sticking together', after which both characters say 'trust'.

10. Expanded Map

GTA6: Expanded Map image

The trailer confirms that Vice City is just one part of a larger GTA 6 map. There are road signs, news bulletins, and more in the trailer that confirm location names such as Kelly County, Catalan Boulevard, the VCI airport, Vice Beaches, Port VC/Keys, and city districts named Stockyard and Downtown.

11. Variety of Vehicles

GTA6: Variety of Vehicles image

The trailer showcases a vast range of vehicles, indicating that players will have plenty of options for transportation in the game.

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.