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Goblin Stone Review

Nintendo Switch by Orc Chop Games

Goblin Stone image 1

Goblin Stone: A whimsical romp through a world where the underdog goblins finally get their day. It’s like Lord of the Rings, but the hobbits are green, grumpy, and not nearly as polite.

Goblin Stone presents a refreshing twist on the classic fantasy narrative, putting players in charge of a band of goblins aiming to survive against humans, elves, and dwarves. This game is the brainchild of Vince McDonnell, known for The Playforge and Zombie Farm, and features beautifully hand-drawn, procedurally generated 2D levels that serve as a backdrop for this turn-based RPG adventure.

Gameplay 8

Goblin Stone offers a unique twist on the traditional fantasy genre by letting goblins be the heroes of their own story. Players control a band of goblins, each belonging to unique classes with distinct abilities. The game’s challenge is heightened by the intrinsic vulnerabilities of goblins — they are weaker and smaller than typical fantasy heroes, which makes survival a constant struggle. However, Goblin Stone introduces innovative systems to mitigate these challenges and deepen the gameplay. One such system is the lair upgrades, which serve as a base of operations where players can improve their goblin band’s overall capabilities. The gameplay is engaging and requires strategic thinking, making it a standout feature of the game.

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Graphics 9

The artwork in Goblin Stone is extremely pretty. The game features a whimsical yet challenging fantasy world from the perspective of goblins. The game’s distinct mechanics come into play, highlighting the goblins’ weaker and smaller stature, which affects their stats and survivability in combat. The game features a tutorial where players initially control a trio of human heroes to learn the basics of movement, attacks, and timing. The graphics are beautifully done, with detailed environments and character designs that add to the overall immersion of the game.

Storyline 8

Narrated by Scottish actor James Smillie, the game tells a compelling story from the perspective of goblins. It's a narrative of survival, resilience, and unexpected heroism, featuring over 60 enemy types, 25 boss fights, and an extensive world divided into five regions. The fully-narrated story and music by award-winning composer Peter McConnell add depth and emotion to the goblins' journey.

Multiplayer - N/A

Goblin Stone focuses on a single-player experience, offering a rich and engaging storyline without multiplayer options.

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Issues and Community Feedback

Some players have expressed frustrations with the game's steep difficulty curve and the lack of clear instructions for navigating certain menus and upgrading weapons. However, the visual appeal, story depth, and unique gameplay mechanics have been widely praised, suggesting that these issues may be minor compared to the overall enjoyment the game provides.

Conclusion 7

Goblin Stone is a unique and engaging game that offers a fresh perspective on the fantasy genre. The gameplay is challenging yet rewarding, and the graphics are beautifully done. However, the storyline could use more depth, and there are a few issues that need to be addressed. Despite these issues, the game still manages to provide an enjoyable experience with its unique concept and engaging gameplay. The game’s strengths lie in its innovative gameplay mechanics and beautiful graphics, which make it a standout title in the fantasy genre. Overall, Goblin Stone is a solid game that is worth checking out for those looking for a unique and challenging gaming experience.

Player Quotes

The game's turn-based combat is a blast, requiring real strategy to win."

"I've never felt so attached to a bunch of pixels. Saving goblins has never been this rewarding."

"The art and music in Goblin Stone are absolutely top-notch. It's like playing through a storybook."

"Goblin breeding adds a whole new layer to strategy. It's fun and a bit heartbreaking."

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