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Ghost of Tsushima Becomes Top-Selling Game in the US for May

Ghost of Tsushima Becomes Top-Selling Game in the US for May image

Ghost of Tsushima dominates US sales in May, thanks to its PC release. Meanwhile, PS5 and Nintendo Switch fight for top console spots

The release of [Ghost of Tsushima](link-to-ghost-of-tsushima) on PC has catapulted it to the top of the game sales charts in the United States for May, demonstrating the game's tremendous popularity, according to data from [Circana](link-to-circana).

PS5 Leads Console Sales

PlayStation 5 emerged as the best-selling console in May, both in units and revenue. This showcases the enduring appeal and strong market presence of Sony's latest gaming system.

Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S Compete

The Nintendo Switch secured second place in unit sales, while the Xbox Series X/S took second in dollar sales. This reveals the different competitive strengths of each console in the current market.

Performance Metrics

Matt Piscatella of Circana highlighted that the PS5 is performing 8% better than the PS4 during its first 48 months. In contrast, the Xbox Series falls behind the Xbox One by 13% over the same period.

These insights underscore the current trends and dynamics within the gaming industry, reflecting not just consumer preferences but also the competitive landscape among leading platforms.

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