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Get Ready for a Freebie: LEGO Builder's Journey Coming Soon to the Epic Games Store

Get Ready for a Freebie: LEGO Builder's Journey Coming Soon to the Epic Games Store image

Acclaimed puzzle game, LEGO Builder's Journey, will be the next Epic Games Store's exhilarating free offering.

The popular game of wits and models, LEGO Builder's Journey is slated to be the next sizzling addition to the free giveaways of Epic Games Store in the coming week. A treat not to be missed, the title boasts of its LEGO-based puzzle adventure that has captivated the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Adorned with impressive credentials, the game has demonstrated its mettle by bagging several awards. First off, it earned the title of the 'Mobile Game of the Year' at the Golden Joystick Awards 2020 proving its engrossing influence in the mobile gaming space. Furthermore, it snagged dual accolades for 'Best Graphics' and 'Best Sound' from Spilprisen, providing a testament to its stunning visual display and immersive audio experience.

It is noteworthy to mention how LEGO Builder's Journey stands out with its unique gameplay centered on LEGO building collections, setting the stage for players to delve into major brainstorming sessions in this puzzle-centric venture.

Stay tuned, and prepare your devices, because the LEGO extravaganza is coming your way, absolutely free of cost, on the Epic Games Store platform. This exciting opportunity for LEGO aficionados and puzzle masters alike is one you'll definitely want to add to your gaming library.

Gear up for this remarkable LEGO journey, and get ready to build your way through a variety of intriguing puzzles!

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