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Genshin Impact Review

by miHoYo

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Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, published by miHoYo in mainland China and worldwide by Cognosphere, d/b/a HoYoverse. It was released for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows in 2020, and on PlayStation 5 in 2021.

Gameplay 8

Genshin Impact's gameplay has been praised for its fluidity and depth. Players appreciate the variety of characters and their unique playstyles. The combat system, which allows players to switch between four characters during combat, is considered a standout feature. However, some players have expressed frustration with the game's grindfest nature and stingy gacha system.

Graphics 9

The game's graphics have been lauded for their vibrant and colorful anime-inspired visuals. The world of Teyvat is described as being filled with possibilities, with every nook and cranny loaded with collectibles, puzzles, and challenges.

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Storyline 7

While the storyline is considered one of the weaker points of Genshin Impact, with some players criticizing it for using anime character tropes and story clichés, the cast of quirky characters are generally well-liked.

Multiplayer 7

The multiplayer aspect of Genshin Impact is not frequently discussed in player reviews. However, the game does offer a co-op mode, allowing players to team up and tackle challenges together.

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Issues 6

Genshin Impact has faced some backlash from players over its microtransactions and the perceived slow pace of content updates. Some players have also expressed dissatisfaction with the game's energy system, which limits how quickly they can progress at higher levels.

Conclusion 7.4

Overall, Genshin Impact offers a rich and immersive gaming experience, with its expansive world, diverse characters, and deep RPG systems. However, its microtransactions and slow content updates have been points of contention among players.

Player Quotes

"Genshin Impact is a single-player RPG but because it's a live service game the plot/quests progress similarly to an MMO where things are released across a long period of time instead of being all available in one go like more traditional single player RPGs." - Reddit user raccoonjudas

"For me it's one of the best open world jrpgs you can play rn and if you love grinding then you will find plenty here... Great combat, ost, story, exploration, characters... It's free give it a try." - Reddit user Kuromajo

"I feel it possibly might be too casual for you. It’s designed to be easy to do all that stuff. The game isn’t going away soon so you could just play it on the side anyway. Idk if it matters when you say “the first time”, but it’s worth a try anyway just to see." - Reddit user Cgz27

"It’s very long yes, there’s a lot of content (but you can take your time doing it.) it’s not really anime specific just kind of an anime style or a couple tropes but it’s not like playing an anime. There’s a lot of collecting available, so if you like that that’s great! A lot to explore and a lot to see and do. Collecting characters and weapons and materials. It’s open world pretty much so you can collect lots of things. There’s a reaction system you can have fun learning (aka if something is on fire and you dose the fire with water it causes damage, or you can apply ice to wet enemies and freeze them). There’s a whole skill and bonus system to the characters. At first there will be lots of kinds of enemies for you to see~ It’s not a game for everyone, there are some that give it a genuine chance and don’t like it, but you won’t really know until you try yourself." - Reddit user Lostsock1995

"Genshin Impact is simultaneously the next step forward in open-world games and one of the biggest and worst time sinks you can imagine. It’s a game that has a nicely-crafted world and a bunch of environmental puzzles with a wide variety of characters with interesting, different, and unique playstyles, that can be combined into interesting teams, and a horrible grindfest that eats up days of your time for minimal progression and a stingy gacha system that demands your time and your money with no guarantee you will get what you want without investing hundreds of dollars." - Reddit user TitaniumDragon

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