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Gears 6 May Remain Xbox Exclusive While Microsoft Explores Multi-Platform Launches for Other Titles

Gears 6 May Remain Xbox Exclusive While Microsoft Explores Multi-Platform Launches for Other Titles image

Ever thought Gears 6 might land on PlayStation? Well, Microsoft just crushed those dreams—while throwing some other games a bone.

Amid industry whispers, Microsoft is exploring the release of several of its key titles on platforms beyond Xbox. Among the games being considered for cross-platform release are Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology: Retold, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Starfield, Halo: CE Remaster, and Doom: The Dark Ages. However, Gears 6 seems to be firmly staying within the Xbox ecosystem for now.

According to insider Tom Warren, the expansive RPG Starfield is set to receive its Shattered Space expansion by September. Those eagerly waiting for Avowed will have to mark their calendars for November, as the game is planned for release then.

In addition, Towerborne might offer players an early access experience soon. Looking further ahead to 2025, fans can expect the unveiling of South of Midnight and a new entry in the Fable series.

Microsoft’s Multi-Platform Strategy

Microsoft appears to be focused on diversifying its reach by allowing select titles to appear on various platforms, presumably to capture a wider audience. However, their flagship series, Gears of War, specifically Gears 6, seems to be an exception to this strategy for the time being.

Upcoming Releases and Expansions

Gamers can anticipate a bustling schedule from Microsoft:

- Starfield: Shattered Space expansion set for release in September.

- Avowed targeting a launch in November.

- Towerborne potentially entering early access soon.

- Major releases like South of Midnight and Fable expected in 2025.

Closing Thoughts

While it's a mix of exciting and slightly disappointing news depending on your favorite franchise, Microsoft's latest strategy opens doors for non-Xbox users to experience more of its gaming universe. Keep an eye out for release dates and prepare for the next wave of gaming greatness!

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