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Game Pass Adds The Callisto Protocol and Isonzo to Its Console and PC Catalog

Game Pass Adds The Callisto Protocol and Isonzo to Its Console and PC Catalog image

Defend your spaceship against alien terrors or step into the trenches of World War I with these two new additions to the Game Pass line-up.

Two new games have just hit Microsoft's subscription service Game Pass for consoles and PCs: The Callisto Protocol and the multiplayer shooter Isonzo.

The Callisto Protocol has players holding their own against extraterrestrial horrors onboard a spaceship. This survival horror game may be set in space, but players won't find any friendly intergalactic neighbors here—only terror-filled corridors and blood-chilling enemies hiding in the shadows.

Meanwhile, Isonzo takes players further back in time. This first-person shooter thrusts players right into the midst of World War I. The tension and bitterness of this brutal confrontation has been faithfully recreated, ensuring a realistic and immersive gaming experience that history buffs and shooting-game enthusiasts will definitely appreciate.

What's more, both games have been fully translated into multiple languages, making them accessible to a wider range of players across the globe.

Get ready to face your fears or reconquer historical battlefields with the addition of these two new games to the Game Pass catalog. These adrenaline-filled titles will surely keep subscribers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

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