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Forza Motorsport Review

by Turn 10 Studios

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Forza Motorsport: A pedal-to-the-metal thrill ride that skids on a few too many sharp turns.

Forza Motorsport, developed by Turn 10 Studios, is a popular racing game available on platforms such as Xbox and Windows. This review is based on player feedback from various platforms including Reddit, Twitter, Steam Community, Xbox community, and PlayStation community.

Gameplay 8

Forza Motorsport's gameplay has been lauded by players for its realistic and immersive racing experience. The physics engine, in particular, has been highlighted as a standout feature, providing a level of realism that surpasses previous iterations of the game. The tuning system, which allows players to customize their vehicles to suit their driving style and the demands of different tracks, has also been praised for its depth and flexibility. However, the game is not without its flaws. The penalty system, for instance, has been a source of frustration for many players. They argue that it often penalizes victims of ramming, which can be particularly frustrating in multiplayer races. Similarly, the safety and skill rating system has been criticized for not accurately reflecting player skill and behavior. Despite these issues, the overall consensus among players is that Forza Motorsport offers a satisfying and engaging gameplay experience.

Graphics 7

In terms of graphics, Forza Motorsport delivers a visually pleasing experience, with players reporting about 100fps with medium-high settings. The game's environments, car models, and lighting effects have been particularly praised for their detail and realism. However, the game is not without its graphical issues. Some players have reported experiencing visual problems, including extremely muddy textures and instances of car cockpits loading only partially. These issues, while not game-breaking, do detract from the overall visual experience and have led to some players expressing disappointment with the game's graphics.

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Storyline 6

While Forza Motorsport doesn't have a traditional storyline, it does offer a progression system that some players appreciate. The car leveling system, despite some controversy, is understood by some players as a way to get used to the car before upgrading it. However, this system has been criticized for being frustrating in the mid-late game. Some players feel that the progression system lacks depth and variety, leading to a sense of repetitiveness over time. Despite these criticisms, the progression system does provide a sense of achievement and progression, which some players find satisfying.

Multiplayer 7

The multiplayer experience in Forza Motorsport has been described as solid, with two distinct modes: Featured Multiplayer and Private Multiplayer. The Featured Multiplayer mode allows players to race with up to 23 other players, but requires participation in a Qualifier Series to determine multiplayer ratings. However, some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the matchmaking system, feeling that it doesn't accurately match players of similar skill levels. Despite these criticisms, the multiplayer mode is generally seen as a fun and competitive aspect of the game.

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Issues 5

Players have reported a number of issues with Forza Motorsport, including problems with the penalty system, the safety and skill rating system, and the car leveling system. There have also been reports of visual problems and performance issues. These issues have led to some players expressing frustration with the game, and have negatively impacted the overall player experience.

Conclusion 6.6

In conclusion, Forza Motorsport offers a solid racing experience with improved gameplay mechanics and a reasonable graphics performance. However, it is let down by a number of issues, including an unfair penalty system, a frustrating car leveling system, and various technical problems. While it offers a good experience for racing enthusiasts, it falls short of being a truly exceptional game. Despite its flaws, Forza Motorsport still manages to deliver an engaging and enjoyable racing experience that many players appreciate.

Player Quotes

"The racing and physics engine is better than ever seen before on Forza same goes for the tuning system which is much improved" - Reddit User

"Unfortunately I feel like [the bad] outweighs the good. To start the penalty system is utterly diabolical" - Reddit User

"The safety and skill rating. It's awful it took me over 30 races completely clean to make the jump from an A safety rating to an S" - Reddit User

"Performance wise, the game was running alright for me. I have a RTX 2070 Super coupled with a Ryzen 7 3700x and I got about 100fps with medium-high settings" - Reddit User

"Despite all of the controversy around the car leveling system, I understand why they implemented it" - Reddit User

"The Featured Multiplayer option in Forza Motorsport allows players to race with up to 23 other players" - Reddit User

"On top of backend bugs, balancing issues, and performance problems, Forza Motorsport also suffers from a whole array of visual problems" - Destructoid

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.