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Fortnite Festival Review

by Epic Games

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Fortnite Festival, a rhythm game developed by Epic Games, was released on December 9th, 2023. It is embedded within Fortnite and consists of two playlists: the Main Stage and the Jam Stage. This review is based on player feedback from Reddit, Twitter, and the Steam Community.

Gameplay 7

Players have expressed a generally positive sentiment about the gameplay of Fortnite Festival. They appreciate the opportunity to play Jam Tracks from either the rotating selection or their own collection. The game allows players to compete against friends for the best performance or team up to climb the leaderboards. However, some players on Reddit suggested that the developers should add powerups to the mode, which would provide them with useful buffs.

Graphics 8

The graphics of Fortnite Festival have been well-received by players. The game retains Fortnite's aesthetic, which players appreciate. However, some players on Steam have reported issues with the game's graphics, suggesting that the developers should improve the game's compatibility with different graphics cards.

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Storyline N/A

Fortnite Festival does not have a traditional storyline. Instead, it focuses on providing a platform for players to perform hit music by their favorite artists as the crowd cheers them and their bandmates. Therefore, a rating for the storyline is not applicable in this case.

Multiplayer 6

The multiplayer aspect of Fortnite Festival has received mixed reviews. While the game allows players to play in a band with friends or perform solo on stage, there is no splitscreen or local multiplayer, which some players have criticized.

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Issues 5

Several issues have been reported by players. The most significant issue is the Media Streaming Error, which prevents songs from playing at all. This error has been particularly frustrating for players who just want to enjoy the game. Some players have suggested that restarting the game can help to resolve this issue.

Conclusion 6.5

In conclusion, Fortnite Festival offers a unique gaming experience that allows players to perform hit music by their favorite artists. The gameplay and graphics are generally well-received, but the lack of a traditional storyline and some issues with the multiplayer aspect and bugs have affected the overall player experience. Based on player feedback, Fortnite Festival receives an overall score of 6.5/10.

Player Quotes

"Best mix in the game would be great if fort festival items can be used as pickaxes." - Reddit user

"All instruments should be used as back blings or pickaxes. That might make them more worth the price." - Steam Community user

"Yeah so I can croon all over the place like a true crooner." - Steam Community user

"Fortnite Festival is a rhythm game now embedded in the Fortnite ecosystem." - Twitter user

"To fix the Media Streaming Error in Fortnite Festival, players need to restart the game and try to start their set again." - Reddit user

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