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Fortnite C5 S3 Wrecked: New Weapons, Mods, and the War Bus

Fortnite C5 S3 Wrecked: New Weapons, Mods, and the War Bus image

Epic loot awaits, if you can dodge the War Bus and its ear-splitting EMP horn. Good luck out there, buddy.

Fortnite's Chapter 5, Season 3 dubbed "Wrecked" has rolled out with a basket of new toys and lethal gadgets ready to reshape your strategy.

First up in the arsenal, we have the Nitro Fists. These powerful gloves pack quite the punch and boast four charges that refresh every eight seconds. To get your hands on them, you'll have to outwit bosses or dig through chests. For those who gravitate towards ranged combat, the Boom Bolt crossbow makes a bold entrance. Designed to shoot explosive bolts, it’s perfect for turning enemy vehicles into smoldering debris. The weapon also offers mod options to better fit your combat style.

Moving to fully automatic territory, the Machinist’s Combat Assault Rifle—a high fire rate beast—can be looted from The Machinist found lurking in Redline Rig.

Fans of Fortnite classics will be pleased to find returning favorites including the Cerberus Gatekeeper Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Hammer Pump Shotgun, Warforged Assault Rifle, Tactical Assault Rifle, Enforcer AR, Thunder Burst SMG, Harbinger SMG, Huntress DMR, Ranger Pistol, Hand Cannon, and Shockwave Grenade now back on the island.

Enter the War Bus

New to this season is the fearsome War Bus—arguably the wildest vehicle yet. With just two patrolling the island, these tank-like buses are armed with powerful Cannons and a horn capable of generating an EMP Pulse. Seizing control of one offers a significant strategic advantage.

Vehicle Mods Galore

Vehicles are getting a makeover this season with new mods. The Cow Catcher boosts armor and adds to damage potential, while Chonkers Off-Road Tires enhance off-road capabilities. Roof-mounted options such as the Machine Gun Turret and Grenade Launcher Turret are bound to turn heads and devastate foes. Want higher damage output in collisions? The Spiked Bumper is your friend. And for those looking to evade enemy fire, Bulletproof Tires offer essential protection against bullets.

Gear up, strategize, and dive into "Wrecked" to discover the exhilarating chaos and robust enhancements that await in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3.

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