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Fortnite Announces Grand Crossover with Metallica: New Mode and Concert Included

Fortnite Announces Grand Crossover with Metallica: New Mode and Concert Included  image

Browser-ready, battle royale hit Fortnite is cranking up the volume by hosting a three-day Musical Event featuring the legendary band Metallica.

Epic Games' popular online video game, Fortnite, is stepping up its game with a massive crossover event featuring the American heavy metal band Metallica. The special event includes a dedicated concert titled Metallica: Fuel, Fire, Fury and an exclusive in-game experience from Magnopus Studio featuring six Metallica tracks.

Available for a limited time span of three days, the event kicks off on June 22nd at 9pm. The musical extravaganza will extend over the next two days with multiple concert timings on June 23rd (12am, 6am, 5pm, 9pm) and rounding up with a final display on June 24th at 12am. Gamers and music lovers alike can join at these dedicated times for a taste of this gaming concert fusion.

In an effort to cater to all its fans, especially those who might be late to the party, Fortnite has made the event accessible for a 30-minute duration from the start time. Notably, the event is not live streamed which adds a comforting element for those who might join a tad bit late; the concert will commence from the beginning for late joiners.

This move marks a progression in the immersive player experiences that online games have started providing, setting not just a trend but a high benchmark for other gaming platforms. With this crossover, Fortnite effectively marries the world of gaming with music, further broadening its horizon.

With such immense anticipation surrounding this grand event, it won't be surprising to find the servers packed with enthusiastic gamers ready to experience Metallica in this unique fashion. At this rate, Fortnite proves that it's not just about survival and building; it's also about rock and roll.

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