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Football Manager 2024 Hits Over Ten Million Players

Football Manager 2024 Hits Over Ten Million Players image

The latest installment in the renowned franchise, Football Manager 2024, has scored more than simply virtual goals. The player count for the game has skyrocketed, now boasting over ten million players. This impressive number is nearly double the figure for its predecessor.

This surge in popularity is chiefly attributed to the availability of various subscription services, including Game Pass, PS Plus, Apple Arcade, and Netflix.

More players than ever are strategizing their way to glory, proving that whether they're on the pitch or in the digital dugout, football love knows no bounds.

For more information about the game and the availability on various platforms, check here.

The record-breaking numbers paint a promising picture for future entries in the series, anticipating an enthusiastic fan base awaiting the next kick-off.

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