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Final Fantasy IX Remake Still in Development: What We Know So Far

Final Fantasy IX Remake Still in Development: What We Know So Far image

Square Enix's wild ride continues as the Final Fantasy IX remake dodges cancellation and switches studios. Presented without quotation marks.

In a surprising twist, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy IX Remake is still chugging along despite major changes at developer Square Enix. According to insider Midori, the project narrowly escaped the axe during a significant company restructuring. The project's initial development was helmed by a different studio, but the publisher wasn’t satisfied with the lackluster results, prompting the search for a new team to take over.

Currently, the remake's development has made substantial progress, although its release date remains shrouded in mystery. The good news is that it’s set to launch across multiple gaming platforms.

Xbox Presentation Teases New Square Enix Updates

Excitingly, there's buzz that Square Enix will showcase fresh updates for some of its games during an upcoming Xbox presentation. However, fans of Final Fantasy IX Remake and Kingdom Hearts 4 shouldn’t hold their breath for major announcements. Instead, we're likely to get a new trailer and release date for the role-playing game Visions of Mana.

As the gaming world eagerly awaits more information, it’s clear that Square Enix’s commitment to revitalizing classic titles remains strong. Stay tuned for further updates!

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