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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review

by Square Enix

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It’s more than just a game, it’s a whole new world to explore. Welcome to the Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the highly anticipated new story in the Final Fantasy VII remake project, a reimagining of the iconic original game into three standalone titles by its original creators. In this game, players will enjoy various new elements as the story unfolds, culminating in the party’s journey to “The Forgotten Capital. The game takes Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Aerith out of Midgar and into the wider world. It continues the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, reimagining the iconic Final Fantasy VII for the modern era.

Gameplay 9

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been praised for its engaging gameplay. Players have lauded the game's combat system, which incorporates cinematic flourishes and a party-focused approach. The game's more free-form approach offers a welcome antithesis to Remake’s tight corridors, letting players off the leash. However, some players have expressed disappointment with the repetition of objectives in each open-world area. The game's combat system is a blend of real-time action and strategic command-based combat. Each playable character has unique abilities that can be used in battle, adding a layer of strategy to the combat.

Graphics 8

The game's graphics have been met with mixed reviews. While the character models and monsters are highly detailed, some players have noted issues with asset pop-in in larger areas and unnaturally harsh lighting changes. Despite these minor issues, the game's visual presentation has been generally well-received. The game's environments are beautifully rendered, with a level of detail that brings the world of Final Fantasy VII to life. The character models are also highly detailed, with expressive facial animations that add depth to the game's storytelling.

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Storyline 10

The storyline of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been highly praised. The game expands upon the original story, adding depth and detail to the narrative. Players have appreciated the game's focus on character development and the expanded role of the robed figures. The game's story is filled with emotional moments that resonate with players, and the expanded narrative gives players a deeper understanding of the game's world and characters.

Multiplayer - N/A

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is primarily a single-player game, and as such, does not feature multiplayer gameplay. The game's focus is on delivering a rich, single-player experience, with a deep storyline and engaging gameplay.

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Issues 7

While the game has been generally well-received, players have reported some issues. These include a bloated and sometimes tedious open world, intermittently uneven pacing, and some graphical compromises even in Graphics Mode. Despite these issues, the game's strengths in gameplay and storytelling have been enough to keep players engaged.

Conclusion 9

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a worthy continuation of the beloved Final Fantasy VII saga. Despite some minor issues, the game delivers an engaging and immersive experience that fans of the series will undoubtedly appreciate. The game's strengths lie in its engaging gameplay, compelling storyline, and impressive graphics. While there is room for improvement in certain areas, the overall experience is highly enjoyable and memorable. The game's world is rich and detailed, and the story is filled with emotional moments that will resonate with players. The combat system is a blend of real-time action and strategic command-based combat, offering a depth of gameplay that will keep players engaged.

Player Quotes

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a grand adventure that, despite minor pacing issues, is incredibly engaging and exciting."

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth defies all expectations and is the new benchmark for what a remake should be."

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a generational RPG that exemplifies everything there is to love about the medium."

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth delivers upon Remake's thesis, increasing a classic's scale and character tenfold to create a new modern-day masterpiece."

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is incredible. I struggled to complete my review because I had so much fun working through each region in a nearly 100-hour playthrough."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.