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Farming Simulator 25 Set to Release This Autumn

Farming Simulator 25 Set to Release This Autumn Thumbnail

Get ready to sow seeds and chase buffalo in the irresistibly immersive Farming Simulator 25.

For the first time in the series' history, Farming Simulator 25 is pushing past the familiar rural landscapes of Europe and North America, planting its gameplay firmly in the fertile soil of East Asia. Would-be agriculturalists can now cultivate new crops such as rice and spinach while even exploring the intricacies of buffalo husbandry.

The game promises an abundance of your favorite farming machinery from global, top-tier brands, assuring you plenty of horsepower to bring in that bountiful harvest. If expanding your agricultural empire to vibrant Asian markets sounds like your kind of fun, then Farming Simulator 25 is squarely in your field.

The game will be available on Xbox Series, PS5, and PC from November 12, with pre-orders now open to those ready to trade the mundanity of everyday life for the pastoral charm of farming.

Moreover, budding virtual farmers can get a taste of the game in the official trailer released on YouTube. Link here.

So, dust off your boots, grab your virtual hoe, and prepare to sow your way to success in Farming Simulator 25.

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