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Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Review

Nintendo Switch by Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game image 1

A gritty off-road simulation experience that will test your driving skills to the limit.

"Expeditions: A MudRunner Game" is a vehicle simulation game developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S on March 5, 2024.

Gameplay 8

The gameplay of "Expeditions: A MudRunner Game" offers a unique blend of exploration, problem-solving, and resource management. Players progress through the game by undertaking missions that involve tasks like collecting resources, delivering supplies, and scouting new locations. The core gameplay revolves around driving ATVs through challenging terrain, which can be a thrilling and tense experience. However, some players have reported issues with the game's physics and controls, leading to frustrating moments.

Graphics 7

The game features stunning visuals on the PS5. The environments are rendered in detail, with diverse landscapes that capture the beauty and harshness of the natural world. However, some players have reported texture hiccups and other minor graphical issues.

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Storyline 6

The storyline of "Expeditions: A MudRunner Game" focuses on exploration and discovery. Players are free to roam the landscapes at their own pace, uncovering hidden locations, collecting resources, and encountering various points of interest. However, some players have found the progression to feel more linear compared to its predecessors.

Multiplayer - N/A

As of now, there is no multiplayer mode available in the game. However, the developers have announced that a cooperative multiplayer mode is set to be added to the game through a free post-launch update.

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Issues 5

Players have reported several issues with the game, including problems with the physics engine, controls, and certain gameplay mechanics. These issues have led to some frustration among players and have somewhat hindered the overall gaming experience.

Conclusion 6

"Expeditions: A MudRunner Game" offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience, with its focus on exploration and resource management. However, the game's issues, particularly with its physics and controls, have led to some frustration among players. Despite these issues, the game's stunning visuals and immersive environments make it a worthwhile experience for fans of off-road simulation games.

Player Quotes

"Just based on what I've played in the Colorado map, this game has launched in much rougher shape than Snowrunner."

"You couldn't be bothered to right a few new loading screen comments? They're just recycled from Snowrunner."

"A lot of the assets and code seem to be recycled from Snowrunner but somehow made worse."

"The first campaign has many problems that many other people have mentioned so I won't go over them here, but since it basically serves as an extended tutorial, soft locks and miscues should not exist in the first real content the player interacts with."

"Why are discovered fords and climbs marked with a question mark? I discovered, them I know what they are and if I mouse over them they say \"ford\" or \"climb\"."

"The main HQ claims to be a deployment area, but whenever I start a new expedition, the only deployment choice I have is the Eastern Outpost which is often across the map from where I want to go."

"Why does recovery simply drop you off outside the garage? If I'm on a free roam I have to actually go to the escape menu and select \"Back to Headquarters\" to enter the building I'm parked in front of."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.