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Ex-Xbox Veteran Joins Unity to Boost Community Relations

Ex-Xbox Veteran Joins Unity to Boost Community Relations image

In a surprising career shift, former Xbox insider takes on a new challenge at Unity.

Almost a year after his departure from Microsoft, Larry Hurb, a well-respected former Xbox veteran, has found a new professional home. Hurb has assumed a pivotal role at Unity, stepping in as the company's Director of Community Relations, with an objective to foster and enhance the company's image among its users, stakeholders and the greater gaming community.

Radiating optimism for his new role, Hurb intends to employ his extensive experience and reputation within the gaming industry to help catapult Unity to new heights.

The move comes as an unexpected, yet impressive turn for Hurb, best known for his significant contributions to Microsoft's Xbox division. His endeavour to better Unity's reputation among its patrons and the wider public demonstrates his ambition for continuous innovation and improvement within the gaming sphere.

While at Unity, Hurb's primary responsibility is to engage and communicate with the community, furthering the company's mission of creating a more inclusive and immersive gaming experience for all.

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