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Embracer Group Revives Darksiders Franchise Among Key Focuses

Embracer Group Revives Darksiders Franchise Among Key Focuses image

That feeling when your favorite game franchise gets a second life – right alongside some other epic titles you forgot about.

Gamers can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the Embracer Group has named Darksiders one of its pivotal franchises for future development. After dropping Darksiders Genesis in 2020, many fans feared that the series would be left in the dust. However, recent announcements suggest otherwise, reviving hopes for new adventures in the Darksiders universe.

Expanding the Universe: Darksiders Isn't Alone

The company isn't stopping at Darksiders. Other titles that will be receiving some TLC include Dead Island, Deep Rock Galactic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Killing Floor, The Lord of the Rings, Metro, Remnant, Satisfactory, Tomb Raider, and Wreckfest. This diverse lineup hints at a promising future for gamers who crave both nostalgia and new content.

As these beloved franchises prepare for their renaissance, players can expect an influx of updates, new installments, and expansions. Whether you're a fan of slaying zombies, exploring expansive medieval worlds, or delving into classic fantasy realms, Embracer Group seems ready to deliver an exciting mix of revivals and new innovations.

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