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Embracer Group CEO Considers Raising Video Game Prices Above $70

Embracer Group CEO Considers Raising Video Game Prices Above $70 image

Corporate overlord contemplates gouging your wallet further—all for the sake of more games, of course 💸

In a recent interview with, Lars Wingefors, the scandalously famous CEO of Embracer Group, disclosed that the company is contemplating increasing video game prices above the current $70 mark. This discussion arises amidst skyrocketing development costs and the cutthroat competition in the gaming industry.

Wingefors, who made headlines by downsizing staff, closing multiple studios, and offloading several subsidiary companies in the past financial year, revealed that price hikes for video games have been a topic of internal debates. However, he emphasized that the industry has yet to experiment with this pricing model on a significant scale.

"I'm not saying you can't increase the price," Wingefors stated, "However, the reality is, no one has ventured into this territory. Imagine creating an expansive RPG with 100 to 150 hours of gameplay, polished to perfection, offering a unique experience. Would consumers be willing to pay more for it? If yes, it could potentially lead to the release of more such premium products. But so far, nobody has tried it."

Potential Market Shift

The possibility of a market shift towards higher-priced video games raises questions about consumer behavior and market dynamics. If players are indeed willing to pay a premium for highly polished, content-rich games, it might pave the way for a new era in the gaming industry.

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