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Elden Ring Maintains High Difficulty Level, Miуazaki Insights Revealed

Elden Ring Maintains High Difficulty Level, Miуazaki Insights Revealed image

FromSoftware's Head Honcho Reveals Secrets to the Elden Ring's Complexity

In a recent revelation, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of FromSoftware, gave some insights into the philosophy behind the continued high level of difficulty in their most recent game, Elden Ring. Miyazaki is emphatic that the game was never intended to be simplified, in a bid to attract a wider audience. He believes that the elevated difficulty level of the game is a core element of its success.

Additionally, Miyazaki, despite being the CEO, spends a significant part of his work time contributing to the game development process. He takes part particularly in the directing aspect of game development. Miyazaki’s hands-on involvement in the game creation sheds light on how the unique DNA of game difficulty has been maintained in Elden Ring.

The combination of the challenging gameplay and Miyazaki's expert input is what achieves the high-quality gaming experience offered by FromSoftware. Thus, it can be assumed that Elden Ring's continued complexity and resilience in design are sure to delight the gaming community and bring more success to the company.

This update from Miyazaki proves the commitment level of the game development team in keeping Elden Ring challenging and engaging for players, reinforcing the reputation of FromSoftware as creators of exceptional and unique gaming experiences.

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