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Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Review

Nintendo Switch by Rabbit & Bear Studios 0 text

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Crammed with nostalgic magic and modern mishaps

"Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" serves as a spiritual successor to the beloved "Suikoden" series, and it bears the heavy weight of legacy on its shoulders. Developed by Rabbit & Bear Studios, a team founded by Yoshitaka Murayama, the original creator of "Suikoden," this game strives to blend classic JRPG elements with the polish of modern gaming. At its heart, "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" is an ambitious project that promises a rich narrative, engaging gameplay, and a vast world filled with myriad characters, each with their own story.

Gameplay 7

The gameplay of "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" is a robust mix of traditional turn-based combat and strategic elements that challenge the player's tactical prowess. The game features over 100 playable characters, each with unique abilities, offering a vast array of strategic combinations and team setups. This expansive roster can be both a blessing and a curse, as the sheer number of characters can sometimes feel overwhelming, diluting the individual impact of each character.

Combat is intricate, with positioning and team synergy playing crucial roles. The battlefield dynamics demand thoughtful placement of characters, considering their range and abilities to maximize their effectiveness. However, the game occasionally suffers from pacing issues, with some battles dragging on longer than necessary, which can detract from the overall excitement.

Outside of combat, the game world is rich with exploration opportunities. The towns and environments are beautifully crafted, full of life and detail. Side quests are generally meaningful and contribute to the overarching narrative or character development. However, navigation can sometimes be cumbersome due to the game's vast scale and occasionally confusing layout.

Graphics 8

Graphically, "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" is a feast for the eyes. The game employs a gorgeous 2.5D art style that beautifully merges traditional 2D sprites in a 3D world, creating a visually appealing and unique aesthetic. Character designs are varied and detailed, reflecting the game's diverse cast.

Animation quality is generally high, with smooth transitions and expressive character animations that add depth to the storytelling. However, there are moments where the frame rate can drop, particularly in areas with high activity or during complex scenes, which slightly mars the visual experience.

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Storyline 9

The storyline of "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" is one of its strongest points. It is expansive and deeply woven, featuring an array of complex characters whose personal tales intersect with the main narrative. The game explores themes of war, betrayal, and camaraderie with a maturity and depth that is both engaging and emotionally resonant.

The narrative structure allows for significant player choice, impacting character development and plot progression. This branching path approach enriches the replayability of the game but can also lead to narrative inconsistency if not carefully managed.

Multiplayer N/A

"Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" does not feature a multiplayer component, focusing solely on delivering a rich single-player experience.

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Issues and Community Feedback

Feedback from the gaming community highlights a mix of praise and criticism. Players love the deep, engaging storyline and the beautiful graphics but have raised issues regarding some gameplay mechanics and technical performance.

Conclusion 8

"Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" is a commendable effort by Rabbit & Bear Studios to revive and honor the spirit of classic JRPGs while injecting modern gameplay elements and graphics. It successfully captures the essence of what made its predecessors beloved by fans while paving its own path. The game is not without its flaws, particularly concerning pacing and technical issues, but it stands as a strong entry in the genre that will satisfy both veterans and newcomers to JRPGs. The final score reflects a well-executed game that excels in storytelling and visual appeal but occasionally stumbles in gameplay execution.

Pros and Cons

  • Deep storyline
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Rich character roster
  • Pacing issues
  • Occasional bugs

Player Quotes

"Truly an epic saga with a few rough edges."

"A modern classic, if you can overlook its slower moments."

"Visually stunning, but it gets bogged down by its own ambition sometimes."

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Please note that this review is based on the feedback and sentiments of players on various Reddit threads and does not represent the views of all players.