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Eidos Montreal Joins Playground Games in Fable Development

Eidos Montreal Joins Playground Games in Fable Development  image

Future Fable game production gets a boost with the humbling nod from renowned game developers, Eidos Montreal

The team behind the acclaimed Deus Ex series, Eidos Montreal, has confirmed it's dipping its skilled hands into another high-profile fantasy world. Specifically, they're aiding in the development of the much-anticipated Fable game from Playground Games, with a scheduled release set for the following year. Eidos Montreal's wealth of experience in action RPG design will likely enhance Fable's design complexities and gameplay mechanics, sparking higher expectations for the awaited gaming release.

Historically, Eidos Montreal has been associated with successful franchises such as Tomb Raider and, notably, Deus Ex. By collaborating with Playground Games, together they hope to breathe new life into the Fable series. The series is revered for its charm, humor, and moral complexity. How Eidos Montreal will contribute towards the game's enhancement remains to be seen, but it's an exciting prospect nonetheless.

As with any large-scale project such as this, it's teamwork that makes for a winning game ultimately. With two aptly skilled and imaginative studios now at the reins of Fable's next chapter, fan anticipation is set to rise. The RPG experts' collaboration on Fable sets solid ground for a game revival that could top charts in the upcoming year.

Expect more updates on the development as its release inch closer. While the details remain hush for now, it's sure to be one to keep an eye on.

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