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EA execs get $60 Million Bonuses amidst 670 layoffs

EA execs get $60 Million Bonuses amidst 670 layoffs image

In the humor's mask: EA prefers filling the pockets of top executives over the jobs of hundreds, it seems.

Electronic Arts (EA), a well-known game publisher, has recently streamlined its business operations leading to a massive layoff of around 670 team members. However, while many employees were shown the door, the top brass at EA saw their bank accounts fattening with $60 Million in bonuses.

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, was among the top beneficiaries who got a significant portion of his bonus for the layoff strategy, among other achievements. It begs the question - were these people not an essential part of the company, or was it EA's strategic decision to cut costs?

Source: Game Developer.

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