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Dragon Quest III Remake Announced for Xbox Series

Dragon Quest III Remake Announced for Xbox Series image

A vibrant, HD-2D adventure is on the horizon, and it's about time someone gave Octopath Traveler some competition.

Fans of the classic role-playing game Dragon Quest III are in for some thrilling news: the beloved game is getting a stunning HD-2D remake and will be available on multiple platforms. The enhanced version, similar in visual style to Octopath Traveler, will be launched on Xbox Series, PS5, Switch, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store.

According to industry insiders, eager fans might not have to wait long to catch a glimpse of this exciting remake. A new trailer is expected to be unveiled during the upcoming Nintendo Direct in June.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

HD-2D graphics breathe new life into classic gaming experiences, combining the charm of 2D sprites with the depth that modern HD provides. Players of the new Dragon Quest III can expect a visually rich journey that stays true to its roots while embracing contemporary aesthetics.

Multi-Platform Magic

This isn't just a treat for Xbox Series users; players across PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms will also get to relive—or perhaps experience for the first time—the magic of Dragon Quest III in its most visually captivating form.

Tune In for More

Make sure to keep an eye on the Nintendo Direct in June for potentially more snippets and a closer look at what’s in store. For all the role-playing aficionados, this remake is poised to be an unmissable event!

Mark your calendars, dust off your virtual adventuring gear, and prepare for a nostalgic yet upgraded trip through one of the genre's most cherished worlds.

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